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Alone?Came to Party in Kiev

For new clients! Attention! The 1 st of February in Kiev will be a big Party of marriage minded people. Every single man from any country and any single lady from any country- you are welcome. This ... Read more »

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He Found His Queen

 How nice to receive the letters like this. When I receive the letters like this I want to wok more and to help many people to find their destiny. But the letters like this do not come everyda ... Read more »

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Real Love

"I don't know why I feel that I am in Love. I know you will say I am crazy or stupid. But it looks like LOVE AT 1ST SIDE. I don't know you will like me or No, But I promise I will keep ... Read more »

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Romantic Engagement

 This winter in our agency  we had few engagement. It is always very nice. But I want to speak today about very special, very romantic engagement, which we had this winter in the village. ... Read more »

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He Is Looking for Wife

 This is our client. He is serious about marriage. This is his letter:

"Hello ,

I’m dr Beshoy , 36 years old , Christian orthodox , Egyptian, single , conservative a ... Read more »

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Romantic Engagement

Always in my country winter was a good time to celebrate the engagements. This tradition is saved in our days also.

In our agency there were a few engagements this winter.

As a rule ... Read more »

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He Wants Marriage

This is our new client. He  is going to be a doctor. Next year he will receive his diploma. His name is Jamal. Jamal is looking for a  dream girl for marriage. He wants to meet a girl , a ... Read more »

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He Wants Marriage

My name is Samir from Algeria. I am 25 years old.  I am a Muslim. I love my religion so much. I love playing tennis.+213 779 53 69 62 This is his WhatsApp

... Read more »

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We Make People Happy

In those photos you can see Julia, my new client, Abdenour my client from France[he is my client rather long time} and me Luda.

I helped to those people to meet each other. She is alone, sh ... Read more »

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Looking for Love

"A senior technician in civil engin ... Read more »

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