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Love Lesson from "How I Met Your Mother" Part 2

The stories were so funny in almost every episodes. Ted Mosby who is main character...always fall in love so quick and get broken heart easily... And again and again..repeat over and over again.

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Love in the Hearts

What a beautiful winter in Kiev now. Look those photos made in Kiev today. And the temperature is +1 and 0. For us it is not cold. 
We have some clients which like to come in Ukraine in ... Read more »

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Love Lesson from "How I Met Your Mother" Part 1

9 seasons successful sit com tv show "how i met your mother" made most of actors and actress rich as from 20 to 40 million usd worth.

I finally finished watching every each episod ... Read more »

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He wants Marriage

This is our client. He is very serious about marriage. He Lives in Egypt for now , but later he will live in another country. His name is Broudley, he is 22 years old. Dear girls! If you like him - ... Read more »

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Our Clients About Us

I would like to thank you for your honesty and support, I have been to Ukraine many times, I like it there, I like the weather where all four seasons are distinguish, I love the people they are nic ... Read more »

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Family's Values

As I have  Marriage agency many years- I paid attention that the couple , who has the strong family's values, are more strong and no divorces. I want to give the advises to my client to ch ... Read more »

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Love in Portugal

In Europe the people started already to celebrate Christmas. Our client from Portugal, his name is Patric, invited his possible future wife to his country. Patric and Galina met each other in our A ... Read more »

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Client Send Christmas Card

We received a letter of our client from Sweden. He wishes to us and to all our clients  happy Christmas.

"La fête de Noël est un événement particulier en Scandinavie mai ... Read more »

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Dear Friends!

Soon all the world will celebrate the biggest holiday of the year-Christmas. We wish  to everybody Merry Christmas!
We wish you be healthy, wealthy and happy.
If you are alone-you ... Read more »

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Love in Winter

in our Agency “Love”  you can meet love in any season. Last month the 23d of November we had a big Party of marriage minded people. It was a big event in Kiev.
Many men met t ... Read more »

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