5 Platinum tips for 2nd date. Part 1

1. Bring 3 flowers!

- if you brought 1 flower in 1st meeting then bring 3 flowers. Slavic culture avoid even numbers. Odd numbers only. Thus 1,3,5,7,9,11,13...

2. Take her to mid level restaurant. 

- After you decided to take your chosen lady to 2nd meeting, now you are ready to have meal course for 90 mins or more. 

You don't want to take her to fancy restaurant. It will increase her expectation only. Take her to good, clean, tasty restaurant with highly recommended by your local hotel concierge or trip advisor. 

90 min is good amount of time for 2nd date. Appetizers, main course then desert will allow both of you to talk more about serious topics. But try to stay away from wine or any alcoholic drinks. If your lady doesn't drink then it is

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