8 of March- Woman's Day

This article is for men.


Dear men!

In my country soon , the 8 th of March, we will celebrate the Women’s Day. It is old tradition, which came from the times of the Soviet Union. But It is a nice tradition: in this day , the 8th of March every woman receives the flowers.

  Dear men!. If you want to express your feeling to the lady which you like - you have to send her the flowers this day. If your lady will not receive the flowers this day- for her the sign that you are not interested in her no more.

 We provide the service to bring the flowers to the girls at home. It is cost from 50 to 100 eur.  If you want to sent a small bouquet of flowers its cost 50 eur, if you want to send to your lady very beautiful bouquet of roses (nine roses}- its cost 100 eur.

 Do not forget to send the flowers to your lady, dear men. Maybe she will be a mother of your children and you will be happy with her all your life.

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