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For Men

 Dear Men, Dear our client! we want remind you one more time, that in our agency  there is a low-DO NOT send the money to the girls before the engagement, After the engagement , after you ... Read more »

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Marriage Will Be

 Few days ago in our agency was a very pleasant event- our client Carim  had a meeting with the parents of his future wife.  

 Inna and Carim met in our agency one ... Read more »

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Free Service for Men

We  started  the free service  for men . Dear  me! If you are serious about marriage and you want to find a girl for marriage in Ukraine -I can help you. I can put your pho ... Read more »

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Real Love

I often think about it
I'm not sure why I had to meet Oksana?
I don’t now what’s lead me to you and to Kiev but I know it was one of the b ... Read more »

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 Yesterday in Kiev was a Party of marriage minded people. What a nice party it was. This Party was special. Why special ? Some client can ask. This is our secret. But be sure, next Party also ... Read more »

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Maybe One More Couple

 They had a date today in the restaurant "Pacher" , in the center from Kiev. He was looking for her for a long time. He liked her photo in our site a lot.

 She had to wo ... Read more »

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They are Happy!

 It is so nice when people fall in LOVE! Those two people met each other in our agency today. Rainy, windy, cold weather , but in their hearts is Sprig. We do mot know , nobody knows what will ... Read more »

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He Met His Destiny in Our Agency

... Read more »

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He Wants Marriage

 This is our new client from Egypt. He lives in Cairo. His name is Hassan Ahmed . he is 42 years old,,76 kg. He is educated and creative. 

 " My interest is fi ... Read more »

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Ahmed is looking for wife

Ahmed is from Cairo, Egipt. He is lloking for wife, hi is singe without children. Hi have finish University. Here is his photos. If you interested to meet him or write a letter to him, pleas ... Read more »

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