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Party for Marriage Minded People. Kiev 2018

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For men!

( we continue to publish the letter of our client)

is by no means the object here. You are right, I have more money than we would ever need, but we are not deep enough into a relationship t ... Read more »

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for Men!

Dear men! We wont to say one more time for you, that in our agency, please, do not buy for our girls only flowers before the marriage. After marriage you will buy for your  wife the expensive ... Read more »

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They Met Love in Kiev

  In Friday the 23 d of November in Kiev was a big Party of marriage - minded people. It was many people there. More then 1500 ladies from all Ukraine and many men from many countries from all ... Read more »

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Party Was Perfect

Yesterday  in Kiev was a very interesting  event-a Party of ... Read more »

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Engagement in Spain

Everything was so wonderful at the beginning. Romantic trip  to Spain, the best hotel in Marbella, in one of the most beautiful place in Spain, romantic walks neat the sea and so beautiful flo ... Read more »

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We Make People Happy

 Tomorrow in Kiev will be a big event- Party of marriage minded people. It will be last time this year. Dear ladies! dear men! do not loose your chance tomorrow. This Party can change your lif ... Read more »

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Wedding's Present

 Yes It's very beautiful pear necklace. It's  a good idea  to make the copy of this necklace for the wedding present. I am sure   it will be very beautiful. ... Read more »

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Romantic Love

They know each other more then 2 years. He is a serious man with a big heart , she is a natural blond girl, also serious , a Medical nurse.

 Their Love story is very  romantic sto ... Read more »

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Love in Italia

  We have in our agency one couple. They know each other already one year , but the men does not propose marriage yet. I think ,he is  right. The marriage is a big responsibility. Before ... Read more »

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