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Italian Man is Looking for Ukrainian Wife

 He is from Italia. His name is Salve. He is 31 years old, never married, no children. Simple, kind, honest man. This is his letter:" ... Read more »

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Tao of Love; 5 Points

(for men in journey to find their true love)

Today I'd like to share advices from Taichi origin ' Daoism' aspect.

After meeting over 50 dif ... Read more »

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Marriage Will Be
... Read more »
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How We Work

 For our new clients we want to say  how we work.


 First of all we do not write the letters. In our agency only real meetings. As a ruler  our clients mee ... Read more »

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He Wants Marriage

... Read more »

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Ukraine Culture

We have traditional Ukraine culture. And Ukraine wreath one of the type in traditional culture of Ukraine. Ukraine girls like wreath and usually it’s young girls or young unmarried women. It& ... Read more »

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There are a lot of way how say about your romantic feelings and love. And of the best way to spoil your love girlfriend than with a delectable and sweet Lviv Handmade Chocolate surprise ! Our roman ... Read more »

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A Magic Moment I Remember

Very  famous writer A. S. Pushkin (1799 - 1837), write so romantic and from his heart. I just find poem which love a lot and it’s already translated in English. A. S. Pushkin (1799 - 183 ... Read more »

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You already know that Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. 

It is one of the oldest and most beautiful places in Eastern Europe and if you was here you saw it. 

Our city Kiev i ... Read more »

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Happy Valentines Day for Everyone!

Thank you Dating Agency for morning surprise gift from my boyfriend with love wishes on this romantic  Valentine’s Day.

I wish everyone find truth love and be happy in love. Than ... Read more »

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