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He is Waiting his Destiny

 This is our client from Italia. His name is Salve. Salve is very serious about marriage. He was never married and no children, but he wants to have a happy family. Salve is  going to com ... Read more »

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Wedding Dress from NOVIAS

 Finally we decided what dress will  buy for our new bride. We were looking long time in order to buy the dress for our fiancee. She is a very beautiful woman and we want that the day of ... Read more »

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How We Work

How  We Work

 First of all we want to say to you that our agency does not write the letters between man and women.

We  prefer to work another way.

We are ... Read more »

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 Soon in our agency will be wedding. The wedding will be very special. Our client is 54 years old and was never married. And finally he  found his dream woman in our agency. He was lookin ... Read more »

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Big Preparation for Wedding

 Wedding soon. But the dress for wedding we cannot still find find . Today we visited a luxury bridal store "Novias" in the center of Kiev. Here we saw many beautiful dresses. I thin ... Read more »

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They Are Going to Be Married

 When are you looking longtime for somebody- you will always find. It is true. One our client from Italia was looking for his dream woman longtime. And one month ago the destiny smiled for him ... Read more »

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He is Waiting his Love

 This is Salve, our client from Italia.He is kind and quit person. Salve was never married and no children. His hobbies are: computers, cooking, reading, some sports, movies, foreign languages ... Read more »

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Easter Vacation in Kiev

... Read more »

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Happy Easter

 Soon in Ukraine we will  celebrate Easter. 

 We want to wish to every our clients Happy Easter.

 And if you are alone and you do not have nobody to celebra ... Read more »

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Miracle of Love

... Read more »

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