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Romantic place in Malaga, Spain

In Spain there are a lot of  places for the romantic meetings. And the places are very special and very  beautiful.
One of them Its Malaga 's Natural  Park. I have vis ... Read more »

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Living love Forever.

One our  client fall in love. He has the inspiration and wrote  a poem. He was so kind to give us the petition to publish this poem. Its so lovely when the people love each other.

... Read more »

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Lotterie gagnee

O,chers amis du hasard,
O,vagabonds moraux,
O,vous qui disposez de beaucoup de temps libre,
Je vous invite aujourd'hui.
Jouez a la lotterie du siecle,si vous aimez les j ... Read more »

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Visit to museum of Malaga

We continue our reportage  from Spain.  Our new couple and me, we continue to explore Spain. We visited  a very interesting museum in Malaga. We liked a lot. And we have the hope tha ... Read more »

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We continue to travel in Spain

We continue  to  travel in Spain. What  a beautiful country is  Spain. We stay in a very beautiful hotel  near Malaga. Today we rented the car and we went to did  disc ... Read more »

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VENT du sud

Ainsi chers amis,
aujourd'hui souffla ce vent.
Un vent qui arriva a l'aube avant la tornade.
Je l'ai senti car mes yeux furent pris par son courant tres frais et viole ... Read more »

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Romantic dinner


We are on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, a soft and warm breeze blows. The views are unbeatable, the air is impregnated with sea odors. The sun sets, the gulls are heard. It is ... Read more »

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Love in Spain

This summer in our Agency have  many  Engagements. We are very happy hope this. One our client  wanted to have the Engagement in Spain. Great Idea! 
Now  it's&nbs ... Read more »

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Fabio is waiting a letter from you

Dear Ladies! We want to present you our client from Italie-Fabio.He lives in the capital of Italie-Roma. Fabio is  educated, very kind man. He is looking a decent,simple girl for marriage. Fab ... Read more »

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Welcome to Kiev

 Dear Men!  The summer is not finished yet. If you are not married and you have the possibility to come in Ucraine in order to find your future wife- you are very welcome! I, the own ... Read more »

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