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One of the biggest holiday in imy country is Easter. Even in Soviet Union we celebrated this holiday, but it was not so simple. The communists did not let the people to do this.

Nowwe celeb ... Read more »

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My Dream

 Some of our clients do not like to come in Ukraine in  winter or early spring. As soon we wrote in our site about good wheather in Ukraine- some our clients came to Kiev. One of them cam ... Read more »

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Spring in Kiev

 In Ukraine its sping already Dear  man! You are welcome to come in our country. If you are marriage-minded man -its just a good time to come to Ukraine. You are very welcome!

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Special Place

Today we received new photos from our new couple from Egypt. The photos are so splended that we decided to show to everybody in the world. Look and enjoy whis us!

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Virtuoso Matchmaker

y Experience with Luda the Matchmaker


I arrived in Kiev from a long flight and called Ludawithout prior notice and checked into an apartment that was recommended by Luda. She ... Read more »

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Reportage from Paradise

Our clients are sill in Egypt. They  spend time togater before marriage and time to time write the letters to us. And ,of course ,send some photos. Look those photos! Are they nice?

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We started to publish the letters of our client. She met her destiny in our Agency. She wrote the letters very open. Maybe for some people her destiny will be interesting to know.

'It w ... Read more »

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Next Letter

We start to publish the letters of our client. She met her destiny in our Agency and she is very happy. Now she is in Egypt whis her future husband and wants to show to everybody how happy she is. ... Read more »

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Romantic Trip to Egypt

Now I can tell about my story! 1 years ago I came to dating agency first time. And, now I am with my partner. We have romantic relationships. We traveling, we love do it together. Life is great. Li ... Read more »

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About Our Work

 Many clients ask us about our work more  clear. We are MATCHMAKERS. We  work for the result. Of course, the people will not marry next day after the first date, its take time to kno ... Read more »

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