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Pas semblable a elle
Toujours au top,tres chers amis.
Rien ne peut etre compare a elle.
Croyez-moi,car je le dis pour connaissance de cause.
Croyez-moi,vous qui cherchez de ... Read more »

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Ici on perle Francais

Ici on perle Francais

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Tania and Karl

What about our couple Tania and Karl?.
Everything is perfect. Now they are traveling  in Spain. They have seen many sight  and now they are in Grenada. The main thing that ... Read more »

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Love in Syprus

... Read more »

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C'est vrai

Mes tres chers amis,
J'ai compris.
Je suis en effet plusque convaincu du bon chemin que je v ... Read more »

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Engagement in Village

... Read more »

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Love in Kuyalnik

We are sure that it's interesting  to know  about our couple who were in Kuyalnik. The result is perfect. Their relationship are great, they are sure that they has find each othe ... Read more »

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Love story. Part 2

Bill tried not to look to  Angelina.but it 's was almost impossible  to take out the eyes  of her.She was so beatiful,that   he never have seen the beauty like this.Ang ... Read more »

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L'or dans le desert

Ainsi chers amis
Ainsi amoureux de l'aventure,Vous qui voyagez de temps a autre,Vous qui epargnez  pour depenser loin de vos pays d'origine,
Vous qui faites du bien aux aut ... Read more »

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Love Story

BIll  was born in  USA in California. CALIFORNIA  is a very beautiful stare and the climat very good for live, Some people  say that if there is  a Paradise  on the Ea ... Read more »

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