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Eurovision en Kiev.

Hola a todos, soy Luda, la propietaria de la agencia matrimonial "Love". Hemos hecho estas fotos en el centro de Kiev para mostrar a nuestros clientes qu ... Read more »

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Eurovision in Kiev

This is me, Luda, the owner of the Marriage Agency "Love" . I made this photo in the centre of Kiev in order to show to my clients that Kiev is ready for Eurovision. The weather is nice,& ... Read more »

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Letter From Sweden

Our client from Sweden sended  some photos about the celerration of the  !st May in Sweden.

30th April is celebrated in Baltikum  Finland Tjeckoslovakien Germany and Sweden. ... Read more »

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One More Marriage

Today James made a proposal to marry to Tonia. This rings James brought in USA. Tonia were waiting this moment one year. She is very happy.Congratulations!

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Miss Hair

Our client Oxana today  win the   competition" Miss Hair 2017 in Kiev."  Its the second time that she received this prise. We are very happy for her.She has very beaut ... Read more »

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You can put this in your Website:

I just had a wonderful time in Kiev.  Luda is different than other marriage agents.  I have known Luda for 3 years.  She takes a personal in ... Read more »

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Impressions of Kiev

Our client John was spending Easter Holidays in Kiev whis her girlfriend. John liked our Easter traditions and even wanted to go to the chirch for all night to pray in Easter Night.

" ... Read more »

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Matchmaking Experts Works for You!

If you are serious about finding a  beautiful, charming and sincere Ukranian wife, thete is no better way that to come direct to Kiev. We can meet you in the airport  and we will take car ... Read more »

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Letter from our client Serge.


Comme convenu, je vais essayer de te donner mes réflexions  sur ton pays, à savoir l' ... Read more »

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Happy Easter

This is me-Luda. Im the owner of the Agency" LOVE". I want to wish to all our clients  be happy. The Easter Holidays almost finished. All our girls came back from vacations already.< ... Read more »

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