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Meditation in Snt.Valentive's Day

My name is Tania Meriaux. In this photo you see me in the most happy moment of my life. I just married whis Jacky Meriaux and I became madame Tatyana Miriaux. I was waiting this moment all my life. ... Read more »

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Sten's Story

Our client Sten from Sweden just send  a nice letter abou his impretions about Ukraine. We were happy to read it. Beaucause so many negatives things we sometimes     can    ... Read more »

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The Story of Valentine's Day

... Read more »

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Saint Valentine

Historical archives make mention of at least three different individuals (and perhaps as many as seven) credited with the name of Saint Valentine (or Valentinus). The three discussed here were all ... Read more »

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New Marriage

Before Valentino's Day we received good news.  One our couple will be  married the 15th February in France.

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Vika's Exhibition



Soon we will celebrate Valentino's Day. In Ukraine we like this holiday.Kiev is changed in this Day. Many exhibiti ... Read more »

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Exibition of OurClient

 This is a photo of Lyubov. She is our client. She is very talanted painter and designer. Lyubov had  the second Exhibition of her masterpiece in this year. Lyubov loves her job a lot. An ... Read more »

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St.Valentine's Day

"The story of Valentine's Day  is very  interesting, it begins in the third century with an oppressive Roman emperor and a humble Christian Martyr.   The emperor was Claudiu ... Read more »

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Chrismas Traditions in Ukraine

In those days in Ukrain we celebrate  Christmas.In those days we also celebrate St.Melania Day.The Malanka celebration mark the arrival of The New Year and begin after sunset on the evening of ... Read more »

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Our Marriages

During last 4 Monthes we had 3 Marriages .One was in Holland, one in France and one  in Spain, Thire is  a good proverb-'Better one time to see than seven time to hear',  we ... Read more »

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