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Come in Ukraine

 Dear men, you are very wellcome to Ukraine. The wheather is nice now, its warm, the girls are tired to wait for you, they want marriage and in Ukraine for one man is 11 girls. Whis whom they ... Read more »

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Just Do It!

 This letter  I write to the men who ate not married yet. Sometimes they are in depretion and do not believe that they can find their dream-girl.Who are looking for always find.Look in si ... Read more »

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We Need Help

 As we wrote,  soon  we will celebrate the wedding. You cannot imagine , what a difficult and stressful job it is this preparation. Now Mike and his fiancee are looking for marriage ... Read more »

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The News from France

Today we received good news from France. Our client  wrote a nice letter for us. He is married whis our client in February ,2917. After marriage this new couple went to the Marriage Trip all o ... Read more »

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My Recommendations for Men

How to find good wife! I want to give some recommendations for men. Will be happy, if this information will be interesting for the men. In photo -Its me. I have 2 apples in my hand- it  means ... Read more »

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The Letter from Greece

Hello my Luda , some inspiration come while i close my eyes and sit back , while i was in Kiev i told the woman of my dreams when we met after afew times You're the one I can't live without ... Read more »

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The Power of Love

We are so glad that 2 our clients  are in love whis our girls. Its bid pleasure to see our clients in love. This is a rusult of our work. LOVE is the most strong  feeling in the world. Fr ... Read more »

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" My Romantic Story"

 On our client fall in love whis  our client. She is going to be married. She wrote a letter about her love and gave the permition  to us to  publish. Thanks alot!   & ... Read more »

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The Dress for Vedding

  A big event in our Agency. Mishael ,our client from Australia, is going to be married whis our client.

Mishael was waiting this event all his life.

 Before marriage alwa ... Read more »

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Opinion About Us

J’ai rappelé Luda, la marieuse, elle est toujours là, fidèle au poste, malgré les difficultés de son pays. Elle m’a demandé d’écrire un texte pour elle, pour sa société. Elle fait ... Read more »

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