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" My Romantic Story"

 On our client fall in love whis  our client. She is going to be married. She wrote a letter about her love and gave the permition  to us to  publish. Thanks alot!   & ... Read more »

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The Dress for Vedding

  A big event in our Agency. Mishael ,our client from Australia, is going to be married whis our client.

Mishael was waiting this event all his life.

 Before marriage alwa ... Read more »

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Opinion About Us

J’ai rappelé Luda, la marieuse, elle est toujours là, fidèle au poste, malgré les difficultés de son pays. Elle m’a demandé d’écrire un texte pour elle, pour sa société. Elle fait ... Read more »

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Mike is Ready for Marriage

 A very good news in our Agency!. Michael is ready to make a proposal for marriage for our client. We are looking for rings now. His fiancee is very special  woman  and , of course, ... Read more »

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Ben's Letter

"I know Luda for over 10 ears and become friend. She has lots of beautiful girls. She keep her word and honest. Always on time and keep eyes on her girls. Finding a honest agent in Ukraine is ... Read more »

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Love cannot be whisout pain, but its better than pain without love. This is a letter tf our  cient to his loved girl. He try to do the best to save their relationships. And  he SAVED. Tod ... Read more »

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One Year Ago..

 Today, the 12th of March we celebrate  the anniversary of marriage of Tania and Jacky.  Last year they vere married the 12th of March in Paris. We want to wish them to be happy.

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 Michal continue to look for his future wife. Its not easy to find the dream-girl.But  its possible.In those photos you can see this process.

Inna, Michael and me.

... Read more »

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Michael Experience

My Experience with Luda the Matchmaker


I arrived in Kiev from a long flight and called Luda without prior notice and checked into an apartment that was recommended by Luda. S ... Read more »

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One Year Already...

In this photo you can see the invitation for me  to the Wedding , which was one year ago in Paris.  Our clients Tania and Jacky were married. They are very happy and one year is gone like ... Read more »

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