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Our Marriages

During last 4 Monthes we had 3 Marriages .One was in Holland, one in France and one  in Spain, Thire is  a good proverb-'Better one time to see than seven time to hear',  we ... Read more »

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My Wishes in Old New Year

This is me-Luda, the owner of the Agency LOVE.  Be happy , healthy and always smile. If you are alone -you are wellcome to our Agency. We helped many people- we will help you.WE work for you,O ... Read more »

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Celebrations of Old New Year in KIev

New New Year is an official holiday This leaves Old New Year as a more relaxed time when celebrate as they please. Some see it as a nostalgic holiday and spend it at large family gatherings where t ... Read more »

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Old New Year

While it may sound like an oxymoron or a paradox, for many Old New Year.
In fact, tradition dictates not to take down the Christmas tree until then. Old New Year marks the changing of the yea ... Read more »

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Tom's Feelings

our Client fall in love whis one of our girls. the feelings are so deep. We are very glad that thanks for us Tom had in his life so deep feelings

___He wrote: My baby whatever happen betwee ... Read more »

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Big Love

i will tell one story and its true its about love what power it has , there was on man from France , now he is a friend he visited his doctor in Paris and after the exams the doctor ... Read more »

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Ma douleur est grande Maria, mon coeur est blessée pour bien longtemps , j'ai cru en ton amour , en tes mots si gentils , mais je me suis trompé , car je sais que je ne te verrai jamais plu

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Lyubov's Exhibition

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IOur Snow-maiden is waiting her Santa!

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Merry Christmas to everybody!

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