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The8th of March

In my country we still celebrate the Women's Day. This tradition was very strong in the Soviet Union.  Every year we celebrated The 8th of March- Women day. It was tradition. It was offici ... Read more »

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Spring in Kiev

 Dear clients! Finally in our country Spring came. We were waiting for it long time. The first forest's flowers start to appear in the forests. The birds start to come back home from far a ... Read more »

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Spiritual Work

Yesterday in my country we celebrate very special Day- Proshtennoe Voscrecenie. In this day all religeous people ask each other to fogive them for every thing, what they have done not good during t ... Read more »

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Presents for Girls

All women like the presents.The presents for women-its a symbol of man's attention. Our woman like the flowers. What  present can be better then real flowers in a cold time of year-in wint ... Read more »

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Spring in Kiev

 Dear   man! This news for you. In Kiev the spring come  back this year early. Now its sring already. If you were afraid of cold wheather and dint want to come in Kiev, now no h ... Read more »

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Just Do It!

 Dear Ladies! We have an interesting proposal- to make the photos in our  Agency.    From your photo simetimes depend your destiny. You know many stories about some girls,[ ... Read more »

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The 8 th of March

Dear Ladies!Soon will be your holiday, the Women's Day , The 8th of March.   .We want to wish you be healthy and happy in your private life. But to be happy you can be  only if you ha ... Read more »

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Trip to Paris

 Today  our client  Bill proposed marriage to Lena. Its was so wonderfull. Lena was waiting this  day almost one year. She is so happy. We are also happy for  Lena and Bill ... Read more »

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Tour to Kiev

 Dear single men! If you are serious about finding a charming, deautiful and decend Ukranian wife, there is no better way  to accomplish it than by attending the Tour to Ukraine  the ... Read more »

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Free Dinner in Mcdonald

This is me Luda, The owner of this Agency.  In those difficult times for Ukraine I decided to help a little for our people. I will do what i can do. I think, if everybody will do something nic ... Read more »

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