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Lida and Bob are Engaged

Yeeterday   it  was a big event in our Agency.  It was the engagement of our  new couple. lida and Bob are engaged. Congratulation! The Engagement was in a  very nice ... Read more »

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We Work Togather

Frau Anna

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Dinner for Orphans

 In April ourl  Agency will organize a free dinner for the children whithout parents. We have a very kind client from Canada. He has a big heart and he wants to do something nice for Ukra ... Read more »

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Attention for Women

 In this photo you can see  a fiancee,her name is Tania. Atter 10 minutes she will be married. As tania is an orphan, I took care about everything. In this photo you can see me in the lef ... Read more »

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Big Party in May

 The 19 th of May at 17.00   in Kiev will be a big Party marriage-minded girls whis foreigne men, All who are alone are very wellcome. If you are serious about finding a beautiful, charmi ... Read more »

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The Tours to Germany

 REAR LADIES! In March we will organize the tour to Germany in order to meat the lifepartner. Its will the Tour for few  cities in Germany. We will organize the special evenings in a few ... Read more »

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The Marriage in France

As we wrote already the 15 th of February 2017 one our couple is married in France  . The marriage was in Toulouse. Congratulationa! Their rode to marriage was long and not simple. But the lov ... Read more »

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 Today  in our Agency it was a very pleasant event. First time in our work we organized a special party for marriage-minded men and wimen.This Party was not big, but very nice. I hope tha ... Read more »

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Today Snt.Valentine's Day

 Dear Friends! Today is Snt. Valentine's day. Im ,the owner of The Marriage Agency "LOVE". I wants to wish to everybody to love and to be loved. Love its the most strong feeling ... Read more »

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