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I believe there are uniquely smart and intelligent girls who already found their true identiy at age of 19 to 21..very rare. But they do exist but very hard to find. But most of ladies like men..age over 24 or plus plus..25 to 26 years usually establish their self identity.


But..these are just numbers and true question is to be not so much of lady's age but rather if she is happy with herself at where she is at and does she feel comfortable being in her situation.


And you need to realize this part before you make life time decision.


2. Appearance (beauty and the beast)


It is fairtytale and i really enjoy the contents and characters in the story so much. Yes belle was smart and book worm but also beautiful girl and beast was cursed one but remember he was filthy rich. So there are some contradicting sides in the story. However, i want to focus on what makes them compatible to each other.


Belle was young but smart and loved to read. She is ambitious learner who wants to travel the world. She constantly wants to develop herself. If you are planning to retire and live peaceful life, then Belle would not be a such a good match for you. But if you went thru mid life crisis and wants to try out 2nd life time chance love and new vision for job or business them belle type lady can be wise choice. Even she is young and beautiful but she wants to learn and pursue greater life.


Physical appearance is very important in relationship. But it is not the most priority. What made beauty and beast connected was that they constantly communicated and debated. This connected communication is crucial element. When an older man can have this connection with younger lady..the chances to have successful marriage is very high even age gap may be very large.


Charlie chaplin's last wife..had 30 years age gap but they had very natural intellectual connection. The relationship lasted until chaplin's death.


Prophet Mohamed's affection and love for his last wife was greatest because of her wisdom and connected dialogue.


The sultab who built of Taj Mahal same story.


Meet attractive ladies many as you can but focus on well can both of you communicate in different situations. Take your time and enjoy the dialogue with your lady. In many times, your eyes will find deeper feelings with lady who you can connect ..more beautiful than just physically pretty lady. If you want have only physically beautiful lady as your wife..i recommend you to date only super models.

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