Alliance of Matchmakers

ABOUT OUR MEETING 8th Dec. (11:00 am)
Good morning to all and my and Natali sincere appreciation to the massive consent we received :)

Due to the high number of participants, we will have to book a conference room in a hotel, yet to define.
Natali is taking care of it, and will soon communicate the location.

The meeting costs and all future steps to make this project a reality will be discussed and equally divided between us.
It will be an excellent opportunity to have everyone's opinions and suggestions so, start taking notes )

A couple of interested colleagues shown interest attending the meeting through video-conference.
Unfortunately, due to meeting characteristics and location, a live cover won't be possible. Besides the fact that, contracting such services would create a disadvantage in costs to be equally supported by the large majority in the room.

We will contemplate the idea of having a video footage archive for future and as a testimonial of our common efforts to create our Ukrainian Matchmaker’s Alliance.

Any suggestions, please kindly share here with all of us.

After confirmation of the attendees, further discussions prior to our meeting will take place in a more confidential and restrict group to be created for that same reason.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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