Blue Chip Advices to Avoid 5 Types of Girls to Date for Marriages. Part 1

1. Girls who are still in college especially preparing for exams.

- this doesn't apply to all girls who are in college. But in 99% of cases, most of girls in college are uncertain with their future and they could give you freaking headaches especially if they are preparing for final exams to get law degree or doctor's license.

Most of times, it can just be well as timing issues. But you are looking for wife who is preparing to have family, not the ones who are preparing to be career women. They can't pay attention to you 100% in this particular time of their life. And you don't want to be a man who just give what they need.

In order for Love to be in healthy status, mutual support for each other's emotional and physical needs are very important.

2. Girls who still live in home under parental guidence.

These types of girls can be very complicated. They say one thing and do another in real life.

You can find good wife material girl under her parental pressure but you need to be extra careful with these types of girls. Risk is their decision making can be coming from her parents , not from her.

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