Bring Flowers if You Love

4 reasons and 3 methods why you shall bring Flowers to your lady then how to find your Genuine Love by flower giving.. First historically, from Greece to China, the flower giving was part of Holy offerings in religious practice. And when Rome became Christian empire it inherited flower offering to Virgin Maria and so on. Flowers as such as Tulips were so in such a high demand in Europe while Dutch were controlling trading route from Asia to Europe, Holland colonized Indonesia for 400 years to meet great demands from Europe. And when the demands collapsed they eliminated thousands of Chinese migrant worker in Indonesia. The flower itself has rich history and had such precious value from ancient society. When you bring flowers, even just a small amount, the magical contents of history is passed on to your lady. Secondly, it is essential etiquette to bring flowers to date in Ukraine traditionally. (

Those flowers  our client brought to his dream girl. 

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