Bruss Ready to Give Love

 This is our client Bruss. He came to us from USA. He is very serious about the marriage Bruss is tall, slim and he is a sportsman. He likes the sport and he likes  the healthy life style.

 Bruss  has his own business. But the main thing, that he is very kind person, maybe too kind with the people. And some times he is suffering of this, some times the people can be very cruel.

 All his love Bruss gave to the animal; they are thankful.Especially he loves the birds. And they love him. Look to this photo. What big love here!. Bruss gave a big part of his heart to raise this bird. And the bird  is thankful to a man for the love. Only a person with a big love can make that photo.

 Yes. Bruss has big heart. Look his another photos with dog and horse and in every photo you can see the big love to the animals.

 So, why i wrote about the love to the animals? If the person has so big love to the animals and the birds, this person  can also deeply love his woman, her child, her parents and all the people around and the life itself. He can give a lot to her loved women. And now he is looking for this woman.

  Dear women! If you are alone, or with child, write to Bruss. He will write  back to every woman  and maybe you can meet  your destiny. I'm sure, Bruss can make you happy.

 Write to this adress:     for Bruss

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