To Ladies Only (5 Tips to Win His Heart!)

3. Prioritize him in your life!: Some ladies finally meet very nice guy who is generous and caring but forget something to win his heart. They forget to prioritize him in their life.

When the guys visit them 2nd time in Ukraine from USA or Asia, long flight and spend thousands of dollars to see her. And some immature girls feels, " Oh this guy is in love with him so i can act like I am precious and I shall make myself less available so he can pursue me more. {This is very classical example how to ruin your man's heart. At least two of the blonde girls I met acted like this, and I really had good feeling about them, young 21 to 23 years old girls. As soon as arrived to Ukraine, when they acted like this, I cancelled the meeting with them and moved on to new younger and prettier girls. I blocked them so they can't reached me. One of them begged for 2nd chance but I never met her again. If you don't prioritize your man then man won't prioritize you! It is simple as this. Make sure he can feel that he is most important in your life. Remember you will get what you did for! }


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