One man from Portugal express his opinion about  'Alliance of Matchmakers of Ukraine:

"About certification:
On my case, I graduated on psychology in Portugal and worked as Human Resources director at Pierre Cardin clothes brand.

Only in 2006, after being myself dating agency client and move to live in Ukraine, I started helping other foreigners like me to avoid online dating deceiving strategies. As a foreigner man in Ukraine, I learned to develop a working system to restore trust in men. I will gladly share it with any interested colleague. :)

This to say that a matchmaker certificate can be purchased online after a couple of Skype video calls, but that is not what we need.

We need experienced people in one "Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance." certifying each other through a standard webpage, with rules, logo, and explanations about who we are.

Our websites will publish such logo and link, and this way, visitors will understand that there is a legit association of experienced matchmakers in Ukraine in whom they can trust.

We will have rules between us and this way enjoy each of us experience and support searching for the best possible matches to our clients.

If we will be able to gather a reasonable number of interested people, would be great we meet all together and discuss this in detail sharing everyone's ideas.

I know Ukrainian mentality is much reserved when about business, but this way, we all can better develop our businesses, help each other, gain more international trust and more business along with it :)

If we deal with foreigner men, it is advisable to match their line of thoughts in how to win their trust. We (foreigners) do not need a certification document; we just need to feel we can trust in someone by clearly understand who the person is and stand for. )"

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