Day of Love

 Dear men! Soon , the 8th of March in my country we will celebrate  the Woman's Day.  This holiday came to us from Soviet Union time. But we all liked this holiday. Even Soviet Union does not exist no more, this holiday we continue to celebrate.  In this day we have the tradition- to offer the flowers to our loved women.

 So , dear men, this is a chance for you to express your love to your loved woman. If you will not send the flowers or will not bring yourself in this day the flowers to your woman- It is mean that you do not have the feelings  to her. I think , that It is only in my country  exists this tradition, In Europe and another country  the people celebrate Valentine's Day this way; in my country -this is the Woman's Day.

 Dear our clients! If you want to send the flowers to the girl , which you like- you are very welcome. We will do this with a great pleasure.  For more information you can write to us   or you can call us +380679749242 Luda. We work those days 24hours

We work with them.

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