Dear my Princess

"Dear my Princess I enjoyed cute adorable stories in romantic movies but i wasn't sure if it could be real until i met you. You may not realize it yet, but can you feel the water is rising above our feet because of your Sparkling global warming smile? My eye sight has been altered by your magical cheeks, nothing looks same any more and every thing looks different. James brown said " it may be men's world but it is nothing without women or vice versa." For me this city has no vibe without you nor i would have reason to revisit here. Some artist said no one is born with talent to be great artist but rather developed by passion. For me, stars in your eyes revived my forgotten poetry. Angel is whispering in my ears, When Destiny arrives at my door, i shall invite it like my Princess charming or i may wander around the world for next centuries." - this letter was written last night by one our client. He gave the permission to publish it. Thanks a lot.

 This client is in Kiev now and really felt in love with one of our client. It was the love from the  first sight for both. I am very glad that  they love each other.


You think that he gives a cap of tea to her? No , he gave his heart to her. And she took. Iam very glad that  I made a photo in that  moment. It will be  my present to their wedding. I am sure it will be soon.


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