Do's and Don't s in Dating !

Greeting from Kiev with Love

Do's and Don't s in Dating !


I believe the weather is becoming so warm in Ukraine.

Hope the sunshine and new warmth of summer breeze will bliss your New Adventure to find Love of your life.


Today I want to share advice for your fantastic yet challenging upcoming dates!

My purpose of these advice is to maximize your potentiality and use your time and energy in most efficient ways.

2. Prayer:  Pray before you meet her! Pray after you meet her! Pray with her if you can!

Now you might feel a bit strange why do you have to pray. Have you ever noticed that our Matchmaker Luda always stand up and pray before she begins her matchmaking process? Whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Daoist, Hindu, or Shinto, one common practice we share is prayer. Many scientist have been studying the effect of prayer. The scientist found out that the prayer affect the brain activities more than non praying people. {}

We use brain waves constantly during interaction with other people socially or in business. Languages and body gestures and our manners and also our brain wave is very crucial in emotional communication. Whether you believe in God or not, whether you believe in spiritual world or not. We are living in the world of many unseen natural phenomenon. Mobile signals, electronic radiation waves, wind effect, temperature changes. All these are unseen but we can sense them. Constant prayer practice will help you to connect with right kinds of people. Have you ever experienced such an experience? It is almost like destiny. (When I went to China first time in 2005, Beijing. I knew no one and i didn't know a single word of Chinese words. I took language courses in Beijing University but my spoken Chinese didn't improve. I went to Xinhua book store and looked for tapes and books which can improve my Chinese language. No one spoke English in this largest book store in Beijing, except one assistant whose name was Dai. He spoke very good English and he helped me to find the best kinds of book and tape. I asked him why he was working at bookstore with such a high skill of English. He told me it was just temporary. Next day we went out for lunch and he bought me beer and Bozaifan (Claypot rice). We were drinking at noon and he was telling me his side of story. He just graduated Top Air Force Academy of China and he was in love with his girl friend. After graduation his girl friend had to go back to her home town in Guangzhou and he came back to Beijing and later on he found out his girl friend cheated on him. He felt so depressed and lost motivation to do interview with any competitive firms. After this meeting, we became close friend and I prayed for his job transition and we often prayed and read bible together. And i tried to encouraged him to do interview with any small local PR firm to let him start training in PR world. 3 months later he really took a chance to interview with small PR firm and he got the job. And after he got job he became quite excited and plus whenever I needed translation help from him, he would make a time for me and helped me out. We traveled to Shang hai together and many other cities for my work. To make a long story short, after 7 years of job experiences, he got Marketing manager position at Mercedes Benz. His salary at book store was less than 100 usd per month when I met him first time, and now he makes over 5000 usd a month. Last year I visited Beijing and met him to catch up, he married very beautiful girl from high ranking military family and now both have a daughter. I bought 'Elsa' doll from Frozen Disney pictures to his daughter. When I prayed to improve my Chinese language, I met this guy at local book store who later on helped me in every single business deals in China. And I helped him to motivate himself to challenge himself to get into real world of PR and let him realize his talent and his destiny. Prayer brings "Yuan Fen" (Destined Relationship in Chinese). Always go back to basic of Prayer Gentleman. We men like to prove that we can do things by ourselves. But True Manhood is in Prayer in front of God. Man who respects the Presence of God will be blessed to deliver the value of heaven to Earth.  If you are looking for True Love who can be your valuable wife who will be there for you when you need her, then pray! Sincere Prayer will bring truth of Love. Good wife is worth more than Diamond, but fake wife will bring curse and destruction of your soul. Only sincere prayer will bring opportunity of meeting your Destiny.

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