Fell in Love. Wants Thank

 One my client from USA was looking for his love longtime. One day he came to my Agency and finally  met the girl of his dream. She was just like he was looking for her many years. He was looking for her almost ten years. He was so happy! . Me also was very glad for his and for her.

It's not decided yet about marriage, but the people met each other already, they are together and enjoy to be together.

  As my client is a very talented designer, he wants to thank me and proposed  some improvement in my business. Today he sent my   the photos of new designer of name of my Agency. I cannot decide which is the best. 1 is modern style , other are “Eastern European” style

 Dear Friends! Will be nice to know your opinion. Please, help us to choose the best designer. We will be very thankful to you. Write to us Brideskiev@gmail.com

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