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Bonjour Ladies who are seeking for Amor of your life!


First of all, I wrote this articles for Ladies who are clients of Love Agency under Luda.

I've been writing many articles for men and I felt I shall share my ideas and experience with ladies in this Agency as well. I truly care and wish for every ladies in this agency to find their own destined true love who will be their husbands.


And I have brought more than 20 couples into marriage by my match making instinct. In beginning, I just wanted to see my friends become happy. Life in America can be very lonely, especially for men who are busy and working and studying all the time. Most of my male friends were spending too much time with work and didn't spend enough time to experience romantic relationship and I just wanted to see them happy. Also I have numbers of female friends who are even more workaholics and never had good lucks with men. And I did numbers of counselings for them to over come their own fears and make sound choices. 


I will focus on how to distinguish Good husband type from Bad play boy types. Plus i will try to give you practical advice to win his heart when you actually find right one.


I want to share my real life experience stories from women's perspective and how and what made them led to make right choices to have successful marriages.


Now i want you to forget everything you read or learned in your past experience and open your heart and mind to absorb good stuffs and reject unreasonable ideas in my article.


A. Rule number One!


There is no rules to catch Mr. Right!  You need to realize one thing. Dating is not job interview or your prime marketing project to hit target sales number. Actually being successful in your profession has nothing to do with your romantic life or family life. Most of professionally successful ones have horrible marriage. So you can try all of methods you have heard or read but finding true love is not exactly same as getting the best result in your job. 


I recommend all of you wise ladies to think as finding a house rather finding your shopping bag or shoes or car. Most of consumer products, including car, are not for long term use. Bags and shoes are seasonal trend product and car might last 5 years to 10 years. But when you try to buy a house, you don't just buy a house by your emotion or first instinct! Let's see what are the basic elements do you have to consider when you buy a house.


1) Location: It is most crucial factor. Location of house is related to proximity of hospital, distances to shopping malls, restaurants, schools for kids, up hill or down hill in case of rain or snow, and natural environment. And your preference of location determines your core values. Some people prefer living in the city for convenience and accessible. But some people prefer outskirt of city for pure air and natural environment and quite lifestyle. You will think of many varieties of factors when you buy for next 30 years of living.


2) Future Growth: You are buying a house with good location for future growth. The value of house will grow with all these beneficial factors. Some people care less about value growth but it is all depends on what you want. Do you want to grow together with your husband or are you content with being stable and peaceful life style? Finding right partner comes with common values in lifestyle for long term. If you want to grow and improve your job and career but your future husband wants to have natural peaceful life style out side of city, then it might become trouble in the future. Compatible couples usually look into same direction instead of looking into each other. You have to find out what you want in your future life in marriage, and you must know his ideal marriage life before you guys make big decision!


3) Financial Method: How do you guys want to buy house? Pay in cash at once or borrow money from bank? This is really simple question of way of living. Some people don't mind borrowing money from bank. In USA more than 90% of people borrow loan from bank and buy property. But some people prefer buying house in cash, specially in Asia and Jewish and Arab culture. This is very important topic which both of you must discuss. Many marriages fall apart from mostly from disagreement in financial decision or having an affair. It doesn't matter how young you are, if you are planning to marry a man, then these ideas about finance must be discussed. And it will prevent many issues during marriage.


B. How to Spot a Play boy and How to pick a Family Man?


First, when the guy is Rich and Eloquent and knows how to please woman in so many ways, then you have to calm down and take alternative route to get to know him. 


As much as beautiful Model looking lady with eloquent way of speaking and who knows how to please men easily, men are same as this, usually men are quite rich and great sense of humor with precise verbal encounter with profound emotional energy who knows how to deal with ladies so well.


Most of my friends are very conservative and boring and hard working and they come from very humble background. They have no time to play games with girls while they grow up. People can change a bit but fundamental core values never change.


And as much as simple dumb men who fall in love easily with physically attractive lady with profound sexual approach ...many ladies fall for men who are wealthy and eloquent and with great sense of humor and who knows how to interact with women's emotions.


"When something looks too good to be true then it is not true." old roman proverb.


In my line of work, I had to work with numbers of billionaire's son and attractive bankers and sales reps with high salaries.


These guys were basically dogs. They will never have one girl friend. They got main work phone and private phone for family and friends and tiny small phone for their mistresses or lovers. And their bad habit of sleeping with new ladies never stop even after marriages. 


These type of guys, are not very hard to spot and you really need to walk away from them.

Don't think you can change them. Some girls like challenges and take a chance to change their boy friend to be good boy. I've never seen any one actually change.


Except I knew One Turkish guy from Swiss, we met in Denmark and Singapore for work and became close. And later on I found out he was an animal. He told me he slept over 1000 girls. And he even had experience of sleeping with 6 women at the same time. And he was proud to be called as 6 packs. To make a long story short, I felt this guy need to change his life, he helped me when i had some legal case and i felt i owed him. I advised him to do Ramadan Prayer with me. I am Christian and he was Muslim but we didn't mind praying together.

I truly felt Only God can change this unstoppable sex addict.


Miraculously after 30 days of constant praying together, he had a vision from Angels and he felt it was from his Allah. And he decided to get married with his girl friend. 


I was quite shocked and he did actually get married in Istanbul. I couldn't make it because I had attend conference in San Francisco, but I couldn't believe my Turkish buddy who slept oer 1000 girls wanted to settle down with one lady. I guess God really changed him.


My point is ...unless some miracle of Divine intervention happens, human can't truly change human. Each of human beings have their own journey and every one has their own timing.


When you are with these types of guys, you might feel happy for short time and may receive numbers of gift but it won't last long and you will never receive proper care and respect from these type of guys. 

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