Ghost Rider written by Love Guru Panda

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After he moved to ' Dark City' up on hill top of his Aunty Aya s home. He wanted to go out and explore the city. But Aunty Aya warned him not to walk along this ' Misty Drive Way' for many teenagers lost their life by car accidents in foggy days. For Moto to go out and meet new friends, hoping to meet a girl with blonde hair who like ' Candy' then he had to get a driver license so he can drive out. He already knew how to drive, for he learned even drifting in mountain drive ways in Nagasaki. But he still had to pass driver exam. He had to pass written exam first. His English was at baby level. He had to study whole month to pass this exam. Then Driving test was easy. After passing all driver exam it was his real day to try first driving ' Misty Drive Ways'

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