Ghost Rider written by Love Guru Panda

Many people ask us to continue to publish the story, which  we started to publish  some weeks ago...


Uncle began prayer what almost sound like chanting. Natasha closed her eyes and grabbed her both hands together and receiving the blessing from my uncle. Moto closed his eyes also and began praying. Moto opened his one eye opened and another eye closed to watch Natasha's reaction to prayer. She was crying with tears but no sounds. Tears were flowing down to her cheeks and neck from her eyes. Moto felt so empathetic, and he wanted to help her. He prayed to God that he would received the gift to understand whatever Natasha would speak to him, whether it is Russian or Ukrainian language.

After prayer time, we all went dinning table had supper. It was quite pleasant. Uncle became host with translating service to all of us. While all of us were enjoying meal and chat, Moto was looking at Natasha all the time. Her smile, her gesture, her body posture, her hair..every thing she did, Moto was moved, his heart was becoming like warm peach pie. After wonderful time with every one I walked outside with Natasha to drive her home. Aya Aunty told Moto to come back to home early before midnight.

{we will continue to publish}

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