Happy Marriage


With many of our couples we became the friends. With this couple, Tania and Jacky, we also became the friends, We are very happy for them, that everything is perfect in their life. Tania already received all papers for  living in France: for work, for health . Now she is going to pass the exams in order to have the driving license. In France  to live without the car not possible.

 Yes. some times it's not easy. but Tania is a brave girl. She speaks French very well, even to learn this language was not easy.

 We are proud for you, dear Tania. You are a good example for our women.

The marriage was in Paris, I was also there. I'm standing behind Tania and  try to help her to answer the questions in French Language.



 Freedom for Jacky is finish! But he is Happy!

$IMAGE5$ I'm very proud of my work and show by hand the result of my very difficult work, I'm in the middle in grey coat. Raris. Early spring . Happy sping!


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