How to Find You True Love

How to find Your True Love with


(Right age with your Ideal Appearance and compatible personality) ?


There are thousands of articles and statistics about Correlationshio between divorce rate and age gap. And there isn't really proper theory about this issue.


However I'd like to emphasize on issue of being happy in the relationship.


What makes you happy and what makes her happy and what makes both of you happy.


So age gap..does it really matter?


1. What kind of relationship do you want to have for the rest of your life??


We men, most of us like to be with younger ladies. Being with lively passionate girls make us feel younger and give us lots of energy. Largest Vodka in Russia (standart) owner ended up marrying Miss Universe with age gap of nearly 30 years. And remember this guy is one of the richest man in Russia.


But let's all forget about all these factors and conditions and circumstances and let's just focus on two people. Older man and young lady...could two people can fall in love without any conditions?


Even young girl fall in love with much older man, could they remain healthy and romantic relationship in marriage?


Remember..marriage registration is just a paper. Real marriage is in daily life.


And whether you bring her back to USA or Europe or Asia, your own world of two will continue to be challenged through out time and circumstances.


Wedding is just a beginning.


So does really age gap matters?

Well, yes and no...every truth has two sides.


I think when it comes to right age of your true love is to be focused on whether is she at the point of life of self actualization or is she still searching for identity?


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