How to Take Her Heart

We want to advise how to take the heart of the Slavic woman. First of all our women like the tender men. It’s very important. It’s a shame to our me, but in our culture men are not very tender with women. The tradition were always against the women. Sometimes you can here the joke “ Woman is a friend of a man -person”. She is not a person, she is only a friend of person. A man is person. But in our days women has more possibility to choose and to be chosen then 20 years ago. You can meet Ukrainian women in all the world and they are proud of themselfs. So Ed you want to take the heart of Ukrainian beautiful woman you need to be very tender and very respectful to her. Ukrainian woman want to feel herself the personality and she want that the man respect her. As a rule she is well educated,good cooker,very well dressed and always take care about herself.

 The most important for the Slavic girl - It's the flowers.  Send  or buy the flowers to her as often as you can. The flowers can make the miracle for our girls. If you will give the flowers very often- soon you will see the result.

 So , dear men , start from flowers. Later, will publish more advises for you.

 But , of course, first of all you need to find this one, only this one , very special. you girl. If you cannot find yourself- come to our Agency. We are the Matchmaker Agency. We helped many men, we will help you also!. We are waiting for you, dear men.

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