How to Take her Heart

We want to continue to speak how to take the heart of  our girl. We received a letter from one our client and, I'm sure, his  his letter can help many man.  I always advise to my client to start from  the flowers. 


"4 reasons and 3 methods why you shall bring Flowers to your lady then how to find your Genuine Love by flower giving..


First historically, from Greece to China, the flower giving was part of Holy offerings in religious practice. And when Rome became Christian empire it inherited flower offering to Virgin Maria and so on.


Flowers as such as Tulips were so in such a high demand in Europe while Dutch were controlling trading route from Asia to Europe, Holland colonized Indonesia for 400 years to meet great demands from Europe. And when the demands collapsed they eliminated thousands of Chinese migrant worker in Indonesia. The flower itself has rich history and had such precious value from ancient society. When you bring flowers, even just a small amount, the magical contents of history is passed on to your lady.


Secondly, it is essential etiquette to bring flowers to date in Ukraine traditionally.


You don't need to bring large bouquet or many flowers. Just one or three, never bring even numbers.

I've had dates with ladies from Sweden, Iceland, France and Germany, however I have never seen a such a great positive emotional reaction more Ukrainian Lady. While USA and western europe is promoting all women to become feminist, Ukraine and Russia still prefer to remain the roles of women as women and men as men. And you will enjoy that moment when your lady on date blooms her smile with pure joy over your small gesture of flower giving.


Wouldn't you feel alive when your lady is about to jump with flourished joy by a few flowers?


And it doesn't cost much. 2 or 3 USD or Euro per one rose.


This small gesture will let you begin your presentation with already positive aspect on you from your lady. Remember enjoy the moment by starting from small things.


Thirdly, I think you can discern good lady from average ones by giving flowers and observe their reactions. Most of girls in Ukraine would react very postive with upper mood. And when women are in high mood, they tend to show their more genuine personalites. Some girls just authentically love flowers and jump and show their happiness, some girls will appreciate and will try to be nicer to you. And some girls will lower their guards and show their true intention of greedness or begin to demand more. And some girls just don't appreciate much..and these girls might be more interested in your job or security or other intellectual stuffs. But any how you will find a way to discern more traditional girls from modern girls. Kiev is big city with 4 million population, it is like NYC or London. If you want to find authentic natural traditonal Ukrainian lady...then i think it would make a sense to begin with bring flowers to discern.


Fourth, bringing flowers can be seen as sign of respect. It is important to show your genuine respect to lady you are interested with or you are attracted to. Unless you came here to look for non-serious fun dating partner, then you came here to look for your true future wife.


Think about it. If one of multiple ladies you will meet is going to be mother of your child and ever lasting life partner who will share what's remaining in your life then she is worth precious treasure value.


Many of men from Europe or USA or other developed nations make huge mistake by expecting local Ukrainian women to just fall for you and pack their bags and move to your countries for better life and passports. This common misconception by media biased contents and statistics.


Western Europeans and Americans assume every one wants to immigrate into their countries. This is such biased perspectives. We had this altered view on China 20 years ago and we have this aspect on every emerging market countries.


First we have to ask ourselves are we truly richer than these countries. Most of people in Ukraine owns their own home. 18% of home loan mortgage rate is unreasonable locals to borrow money from bank. And most of them buy property by cash. And surprisingly, most of them own some kinds of property in their home town. This is from governmental welfare of transitional period. Even though it may not be luxury or huge property, most of locals don't owe money to banks.


Europe and America, over 90% of homes are bought thru loan from banks from 3% to 6%. Unless you paid off with 30 years loan and retired millionaires. I am pretty sure you still owe some money to bank.

So let's not look at local Ukrainians with this disrespectful view. And if you are truly honorable person then you won't see them with these low materialistic view.


Plus U.S. personal income tax is upto 39%. My buddy who makes 140k USD from Microsoft will have less cash per month to take home than my local friend who makes 90k USD from local international firm. Because income tax here is not heavily controlled.


My point is that we shall have basic attitude with respect to local ladies. And for many local people, family value is more important than more income.


If you begin with internal respect to treat ladies then soon or later you will meet lady who will respect you with her genuine heart.


If you expect lady to fall in love with you for your job or big house or money in bank account then we all know she is not falling for you. She is falling for what you have. And you will get what you appealed for.


3 hows


1st, bring just a few flowers to your first date and enjoy the moments and dialogue, feel her energy and chemistry. If you like her show your interest and feelings and see how it goes. And if you feel like you found some one connecting then ask her out again or lady will ask you out. Then bring more flowere to next date. And if you felt more connection to her on 2nd date then increase amount of flowers to show your feelings as expression. And don't try to play on and off game with lady you like. If you feel she is not giving you her emotions and feelings or if you feel something's wrong then just stop and move on. Here good girls use heart rather than head. If you feel like the girl is about to play game then step out of the zone. If the girl is talking about money problems or demanding money..even it is small amount then just walk away. If the girl has true interest and attraction in you then she won't bring up her financial issues even she has difficulties.

The thing is, the girls will never show their true intention unless you show your interest in her. So always ready to move on when you find out she is not the one. It may be exhausting but real.treasure won't be easy to find. Never be discouraged when you meet the wrong one. The key is never giving up. There are millions women out here. If you are truly looking for genuine good lady wife material then you will soon find one.


Secondly, pretending to be gentleman is very hard but being yourself is natural thing. When i decided to come to Ukraine, many of My friends in USA worried about me. All these statistics of scams and tragic accidents made them worry. But before you meet lady, just blank your mind and forget every information that you know about this country and stop thinking about your past experiences. At the moment when you meet new are adam and she is eve. Two naked souls are meeting in natural space. Bring flowers from tree or shop..and talk to her and regard each meeting as chance to get to know one new soul new person. If you treat each of them with this attitude them each of them will feel your pure intended attitude and you will have more opportunities to attract their souls. Women here are very sensitive and very well read and educated and internally very strong. Can you imagine how women in USA will react if east coast is constantly attacked by Europeans? When there was one terrorist attack on twin towers in NYC, every nation reacted with all kinds of movement and politicians took advantages of it.


Women here survived through constant invasions upto now. They have tender souls and gentle attitudes and internally very strong survivalship. If you show pure attitude, most of them will feel your respective gesture. And it all begins from small flowers.


Finally, when you find right one. Don't hesitate to be generous. In USA, the young girls tend to be attracted to bad boys and boys with hard to get type attitude. Any developed nations you go, you will find these patterns. Bad boys get pretty women.


And here you would see many tough looking guy with big SUV seem to have beautiful wife. To certain extent it may be true. But it all comes down to generosity.


Even the biggest mafia in Russia, the owner of standart vodka is very generous man to his family. Especially to his wife.


In western Democratic history, borrowed from dysfunctional greek ideology (common people just didn't have time to practice democracy) struggled and achieved self sufficient individualism and capitalism.

My point is you are on yourself in USA or Northern Europe.


But within former soviet union nations, grouptism is still very strong and people are still tend to lean strong leadership but with generosity.


Whether it is within company or friendship or in family or romantic relationship, generosity is still very highly valued virtue.


In Ukrainia, good husband is with generosity and responsibility. In USA, it is more partnership and stronger feminism is making it role of women stronger.


Now i am not saying all Ukrainian women are all pure and naive traditional. I suspect there are many women who want to take an advantage of these role plays and some times want to have it all.


Only way to find out if she is the one you were looking for or not is to take a chance and get to know her. More you show your generous then she will show her true nature...and when you realize that she wasn't the one you were looking for then just turn around and walk away. Begin with new dates.


If she is the one then take more chances with her...she might be the one.


Good luck with your journey."

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