I Met my Love

Love story

 My name is Lena. I want to tell you about my Love Story. 

 I met  Mike through the Marriage Agency "Love". At first I was not sure if he is my type of man. But late I was very happy with him.

. All I can say is that I am really glad I agreed to meet him. He turned out to be everything that I had hoped he would be, and a little bit more. He is genuine, sincere and caring and really seemed to want to learn more about me and my background. He doesn’t see our different cultures or my accent as something that separates us.

 He was very kind with me. We have the same interests, for example: travelling in mountains, diving in a cool water, working with a computer in nights, to help the homeless animals, and so on



Rather he sees it as an opportunity for us to learn more about each other . Maybe, it’s because I’m so crazy about him, but in real-life He looks is even nicer than he appeared on his picture and I don’t mean just his looks, or his smile. It’s been several months now since that first encounter and we haven’t looked back. But ,of course ,the most important -It is his soul. I'm very happy with him.


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