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Here is your write up you requested for your website.[I asked my client John to write  his thoughts about Ukraine, what impressed his a lot: positives things, and negative things. Positive ,of course,  was the beauty of Ukrainian women. Negative -read yourself}

When you come to the Ukraine be prepared for things that have no logical
explanation. My then girlfriend and I went to the government bank
so that she could pay her taxes. After waiting 1.5 hours, finally she
was called. Unfortunately, she was a little short on her payment due to
a 4 day late penalty. I was standing there and offered to pay her
approximate $50 penalty with my credit card. The lady clerk refused the
payment because as a non-Ukrainian citizen I could not pay for the tax
bill for a Ukrainian citizen. I did not have enough Ukrainian cash. So
we went to find an ATM to get cash. Of course the ATM at the government
bank would not take my card for a cash withdrawal. It appeared that the
government bank ATM knew I was a non-Ukrainian. Finally we found a
working ATM that did not care. We returned and had to get back in line
again. About 30 minutes later she was called again. She offered the
clerk the cash I had given her. The clerk said she could not take it
because she knew it was not her money. The clerk insisted that she
could only pay her taxes with her money, not mine. The clerk gave me a
several "stinky eyes" (Hawaiian slang) as they argued vehemently for at
least 10 minutes. Then suddenly with very obvious anger, the clerk
reached up, and grabbed the money. As my mother often told me "Johnny,
always thank God you were born in America".

John with  Irina, one of the beautiful woman of our Agency.

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