In Our Agency New Engagement

 Today for our Agency a big day- we had today very special Engagement.  Why very special  Engagement? Because very beautiful and very special. 

First of all, it was in the most beautiful restaurant in Kiev. We will publish some photos of it. It is situated in the roof of the building and you can see all kiev around. 

 My client  invited the most famous photographers and florists to his Engagement. The flowers were so rare and special, that in the first moment i thought that those flowers were not real. And the music!

 Will be better if I will publish photos from this event . Better one time to see , then to read seven times. 

Lets wish to my new couple be happy !

This ring was bought with a big LOVE.

I work about 20 years as a Matchmaker, but so romantic Engagement I arranged for the first time. My client organized everything perfect.

It's a pity that you cannot feel how those flowers smell.





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