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"Thank you for your offer to help.  I am willing to work hard and spend money to find someone special.  I have gone through a time of great personal loss - deaths in my family and I am now alone.  My mother was a gorgeous eastern european woman.  hours before she died I promised her I would go to Ukraine and find a woman like her and to not be alone any longer

My preferred body type is petite, healthy looking, a little innocent, caring, has beautiful long hair and is thin - more beautiful than sexy and tolerant and submissive and happy by temperament.  many girls who join these services want a rich american to spend money on them.  Of course, I will spend money on my wife - clothes meals trips but she should love me enough to enjoy being alone holding hands on a quiet romantic evening watching the sun set and listening to classical music

I will date a woman with a child but prefer the child be 5 years old or less.  I do not wish to date a woman with teenage daughters - this is a potential disaster

Well, I hope this helps.  I will gladly write a longer letter - I simply do not wish to ramble"

 This is a letter from our new client Scott.

Dear women! If you like his profile write to him a letter:   Brideskiev@gmail 

 We will send you letter for Scott

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