To Kiev With LOVE

  Dear Friends! We still propose you the free excursion on Kiev. Kiev is one of the beautiful city in the world. Once you visit it, you will come back. In this city many our client from all the world  found their destiny. We gave this chance for you also. Look the photos of the girls and women in my site, read the opinion of our clients and make the right decision, maybe it will be the   the most important decision of your life.

 Kiev is also the cultural center. Today we want to tell you about one very special  Ukrainian painter-Tatyana Cheprasova.

 She is talented and she has a special manner, her special style to paint. She  has found her own  way. only her way to paint. Why we want to tell about her? We have many painters in Ukraine, but we want to tell about Tatyana. Why? Because  she loves Kiev a lot and shows her love in her paintings. We also want that you come to our city and will love it and maybe in this city you will find the most beautiful story of you love and you will be married and happy. In our days so many men live alone and cannot find their destiny. 

"OnceKyiv happened in my life!

And it has become watercolors forme.

 Each artist has her own taste, each epoch has its tendencies and rules. Artists of the presents, past and tuture are always mirrors of the contemporary life. They subjectively reflect what it is today.

 This project is for those, who are in love whis this city. For those, who live in it here and now.

And for those ,who will only be in it.

 A  deep history of this city has not been in  many ways disclosed for me yet. And my picturesque immersionin it opens up for  me as a wide vector of personal knowledge and  education. 

 The live of the vity has divided before and after the Maidan... I have lived through a lot along with this city... But like for  the first time, at the first meeting...Love for Kyiv is  happening again and again.

 No matter how much you look, you do not stop wondering. Watch...See...Admire.

Admire its morning palette, its day, evening and night... Admire it in the  spring, summer, autumn and winter. Admire its living colors  and the always inimitable Kyiv's sky!Admire the line of  architectural ensembles, compact and monumental space, the airiness of a hospitable atmosphere. The grace of the sphere-shaped lanterns.

 Ones can talk a lot about the  landscapes of this city, its composition, the subjective philosophical experience.This  picturesque series is a story of an enamored artist-observer.

a  series of watercolors miniatures<I love this city . It is so different>is a  beginning of the project,a project which aim is to express a gratitude to this place with a deep history and stylish architecture,a soft, monumental atmosphere and spirituality.

 I would like to share the subtlety, lightness,and liveliness of watercolor technique.Reveal the inner experiences in the Kyiv's landscapes and architectural compositions.

Expressmy subjective experience of what I have seen with the means of life,colors,form, creative approach, and unpredictable watercolor improvisation. " wrote  Tatyana Cheprasova about herself.

 She loves Kiev from all her heart and we also want that you come, dear friends, to our city and will love it also.

 We are ready to propose you free excursion on Kiev in order you know our city. How to love if you do no know?

 So we are waiting for you. You can write to us        or you can call us   +380679749242 Luda

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