This is our client from Sweden. His name is Urlik.He is 45y.o. 190 cm tall,80 kg. never married and no children.

Urlis is very sad because he is very lonely. If a man cannot find his wife- he cannot be happy. Even Urlik lives in a good country, has his own business, is healthy and wealthy- he is not happy.

Dear women! look to the photo of Urlik and write to him a small letter and you make him happy, because you will give to him a hope. And maybe he will make happy one women from Ukraine. At least we try to help lonely people. And  the proverb "Just Do It" is very good in this case.  

 The email to contact Urlic  is:       isulrik-b@hotmail.com or you can write to us    Brideskiev@gmail. com

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