Long Live LOVE!

 What is the most important in life? LOVE. It's true. When love comes in the life of man or woman- the life is happy.  Without love the life of person is grey. 

Everybody is looking for love. Sometimes the people are waiting this love all life.The love can make the miracles.

 But LOVE can bring also the problems and suffering. Better to have love and problems than to have the problems without love.

  LOVE likes to visit our Agency, maybe because the name of our Agency is "LOVE".

 One sunny day in June 2017 LOVE came in our Agency and just in this time  came also one our client from France. And our client fell in love with Julia.

 He was waiting this meeting many years, she also had the felling that something  special had to happen in her life in those days. It was the love from the first sight. 

 She,me and him went to vacation in Spain and they started their relations. I was sure that they will be married soon, but ...

 It was many problems, many suffering during those months and finally they will meet again.

  Julia  is going to Monaco  for this week-end to meet  with him. I hope this meeting will give the positive result and will be one more marriage in our Agency.

 In this photo you can  our future couple in June,in Kiev, in restaurant "Pacher".

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