Looking For Love and Marriage

 This is our client from USA, California. He is 50 y.o., never married and no children. Joseph is very kind and tender person from good family. He has  his own business in California and he is doing very well. Joseph likes the nature, the animals[he has a lot of animals.living in his forest], the children, the people and the life itself.

 Look at his eyes and you can see that his eyes have the native deep intelligence, I can say very deep. Joseph can give a lot to his woman, he know  how to love and how to give love. The problem to find this intelligent,smart tender woman. 

 Joseph will be in Kiev in April. He wants to start to have relations before he come in Kiev.

 Dear women! If you like Joseph's profile and photo , please, write to his Brideskiev@gmail.com. He will answer to all letters.

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