Looking for his Half

In this photo you can see me and my client Serge fom France. This photo I made in France when I visited Serge.  Serge was fall in love with one of our client. But It dint work very well.

 Now his heart is open for a new love. Serge is very well educated . He was studing in Sorbonna and he was the best student there. He has two children. they have their life.

 Serge lives alone in a big house  near the Mediteranian sea in the South of France not far from Spain.

 He will be happy to meet a kind woman about 50y.o.  He will answer to all letters with photos.

 Dear women! do not be shy! write to Serge first! And Im sure that if you meet him. he can make yo u happy. He knows how to do it.

 Adress fof letters


This is his house- to the right. where there is a green tree

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