Love's Sufferings

"Dear Luda, I dreamed and wanted with all my heart to meet Yanina in Kiev, but I'm just really a huge pain, I'm a serious person that Yanina does not understand my feelings of love that I feel for her? "Fabio

Yes, sometimes It's happen like this in the life and in our Agency also. How many people in the world are suffering of love. Nobody knows. He loves her, but she does answer to his feelings. It' tragedy already. In This case I always recommend my client to forger this love and to start to look somebody else.  It's not easy. it's can do only a strong person. I recommend also to my client Fabio to be strong, very strong. But his love is so strong, that it's not easy for him to do this. Let's hope that Yanina will answer to Fabio for his feelings.

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