will tell one story and its true its about love what power it has , there was on man from France , now he is a friend he visited his doctor in paris and after the exams the doctor told him u have cancer , the man didnt believe it , he went to other doctors , and all were saying the same , he desided to divorce his wife because he didnt want them to see him dying , he went at the park he was looking at the people around him one friend told him go to thailand Live and enjoy your days left , he went and stayed there , after he left he went to ukraine , he met one lady there OUR AGENCY PRESENTED HIM THIS LADY , and she desided to stay with him because she fall in love witth him , and he also felt in love with her , they were so in love but didnt know for how long this love would last , she told him lets go again to the doctor and see whats happeing in witch stage u are my love , so they went to paris and he did the tests again , and u know what happen the tumor , cancer had disapear , he was so happy , and he believed that the love he felt was so strong coming from both sides disapeard the cancer from inside him , i believe love is so strong that it can fight anything and it can cure people with whatever they have , but only with true love coming from both ....  They are married now and are very happy.They has given us the permition to publish their photos in order that the people  knows that  MIRACLE can  happen if there is LOVE.

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