Love in Paris

 This Spring in our Agency is very special.  We have already 3 couples who are in love. And , of course, when the people are in love, they want to visit the city of love-Paris.

 Paris... Paris... the city of love, Paris... the city of dreams!. People from all over the world are eager to visit it. It inspired the most famous artists, great writers wrote their unmatched works, favourite  films were filmed in this city, people here live and love, fall in love and addition, the city is rightly considered the capital of haute couture. No wonder. The most important fashion designers live and work exactly in Paris. And it is exactly the Paris fashion week is considered the main event of the fashion world. It's so interesting to be in this city and to see this  event.

 That why our couple decided to go to  Paris to see this capital of haute couture and enjoy the city of love. Of course , Paris attracts the people from  all over the world not only by haute couture, but also by  monuments,  museums, and even by air, the special air of love...

 We have the hope to receive some photos of our couple in Paris and the permission to publish those photos.

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