Love Story

Mixed emotions , of complications using your heart as it has never been used before because before u were a hunter and always succesfull   , can create mixed up chapters , but this time im not alone i have my hidden chapter only i know , and i will not be alone , there is always the Little one alwayas with a smile on her face , i could call her the saviour , the one who will save christmas ... and bring new year with happines ... even a smile would be enough  ... It breaks my heart 'cause I know you were the one for me , Don't you feel sad there never was a story and u will also never have one for you !  You will never know , I will never show What I feel , What I need from you NO  , With every smile comes my reality irony , You won't find out what has been killing me , Can't you see me? This Letter  was written by our nice client ftom Europe. He had very deep feelings toward one of our client. Thanks for our Agency he had the most deep feelings in his life. His name is Tom. He is not married yet, but we ere sure that it will happen soon.





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