Love With the Sadness

  There is the things in this life,  which you cannot buy. It's not so many, but there are. 

 One , the most interesting, it's LOVE. Yes. It's in the hands of God. Or the people receive it, or now. But ,when they receive LOVE ,it's doesn't mean , that the people are very happy.  Sometimes so many  problem the people have after fall in love!

 But without love the life is empty. It's better to have the LOVE the sadness   that no LOVE.

  Today we speak about this story: LOVE with the sadness.

... They met each other in our Agency in spring 2016.  It was the LOVE from the first sight. They spent the holidays together. They were engaged already,  but...

 They separated... It was so sufferings from the both sides, but nobody wanted to do the first step. What to do ?  I new ,that it was real LOVE and ,of course, I helped. I'm so happy, that they   are together  again. We have a big hope to hear about the marriage soon. If there is LOVE, real LOVE- happy marriage will be.

 She was so happy...

  I also was happy for them.

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