Marriage Will Be

This is our new couple -Julia and Abdenour. He came from France, he lives in the South of France.  But he  likes to visit Ukraine and he wants to be married with Ukrainian  woman. He is looking for his future wife rather longtime. But today ,I think,finally he met his dream. 

 Of course , It is too early to speak about the marriage, but I feel, that the marriage will be. Julia  came to our agency  a few days ago. This is her first date. She was very shy and Abdenour liked this a lot. 

 But not only this he liked in her. She is beautiful and she has the family values. Abdenour was looking for that type of girl. 

 We publish their photos and we want to wish them to be happy together.

 Dear Julia and Abdenour! Do not lose what you received   in this a special evening from the Heaven.

 Now all days are magic days, It is Christmas  holidays and all wishes can become real if you pray God from all your heart.

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