Maybe Love?

At the end of December my client from Spain invited my client N.and me to visit  him is Spain in order to know the girl better and maybe to be married with her next year. It real wonderful to be in a warm Spain when It was so cold in Ukraine. 

 Spain met us with good sunny whether and my client organized  very interesting excursions in his city.

 Sometimes It is not easy to the people from different countries, different languages, different culture to understand each other. Of course, we, the Marriage agencies try to help in everything, but sometimes It is not easy. It was this case.

 We have the big hope that this our couple will develop their relations and they will be  married. It is a lot of work for her and for him.

 Now she is waiting for him in Ukraine and I have the big hope that  in Ukraine they relations will be perfect and later this year will be one more wedding in our agency"Love".

 We want to show some photos from this wonderful trip to Spain.


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