My Love

 This  story  of love of one our client.  She is not young but she is young in her heart. This story can be a good example for our older clients. Dear women!  You can meet LOVE in any age. The main thing to want to meet it!  You know that our soul cannot be old. And you know that   Love lives in soul. So this is a story of our client.

 " It was the LOVE from the first sight. The first minute I  understood that that was my man. He was tall, representative, calm and handsome.   I have seen him many times in my dreams.  I have seen him just the same like he was. When i saw him I was  so surprised that I could  not to say even one word. I look in his eyes and i nave read everything. The eyes were so deep and kind that it was not possible not to fall in love. It was like the storm, like another reality. 

 He was German man. I dint speak German. He dint  speak Ukrainian or Russian. But  we understood each other. We  have forgotten  both that we can communicate  by English.It was for both of us like a blow of thunderclap!. I was in a wonderful form..."

 We will continue to publish the story of Love of one of our client  with German man, but I think will better to look at their photo . They are so happy together, and  it's not important what age she has, what age he has. They are happy together.

 Dear  older women!. This story for you. Believe in your star and your star will smile for you!

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